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Whistler Radar Detector Suction Cups

This is a new product and is out now but we have a price too. For your price we will be more than happy to price you the price.

Whistler Radar Detector Suction Cups Ebay

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Cheap Whistler Radar Detector Suction Cups

The whistler radar detector is a new accessory for the whistler community. It is a 2-axis suction cup mount radar detector that can be used for security or protection. It is perfect for anyone who needs to be able to find their way around. the whistler radar detector has a new 3 suction cup design. This makes it easier and faster to use than the traditional radar detector suction cup. The new suction cup design is also easier to clean and comes with a built in warning system. the whistler radar detectors are perfect for windshields. They by themselves or in conjunction with the windshield bracket make a perfect system to use at the wharf. The detectors are effectively detect windshields and its embarrassing not to be aware of it. With the detectors in your hand, its no longer a “up to the eye” thing to do. The detector can be used on all types of windshields, whether they are vulcanized or not. The suction cups will stick to the glass and the glass will be stuck to the detector. This keeps the two in close proximity and the detector will be able to detect any windshield type. The 6 high quality quliaty suction cups are perfect for any type of glass and surface. this is a new super grip suction cup mount for the whistler radar detector. It is durable and can be attached to anything with little to no effort. The suction cups grip any material and keep the detector in place.